The High Tech Courtroom

Today’s High Tech Courtroom

Trial Technology in Today’s High Tech Courtroom

There are many facets to Success in “The High Tech Courtroom”.


Courtrooms and other dispute settings are acquiring more technology, so displaying your exhibits electronically is becoming easier. The trial technology team works with the trial team to ensure all documents, depositions and demonstratives are assembled and presented seamlessly in the courtroom.

They assist in daily:
•  Pre-trial preparation
•  On-site operation of the court presentation system
•  Load exhibits, demonstratives and animations into courtroom presentation software
•  Prepare document highlights and annotations
•  Edit video and audio clips
•  Create graphics as needed or work with a graphic designer

These additional services should be provided:
•  Prepare a courtroom site survey
•  Determine Court Preferences
•  Recommend courtroom equipment
•  Set up and test all courtroom equipment


Jurors tend to reach decisions quickly.
They develop a “story” early in the case and filter information through this story. Visuals that consistently support your story or themes of the case will be persuasive.


Jurors expect a visual presentation.
Given their daily experience with television, the internet and other types of visual media, jurors expect to see evidence as well as hear about it.

Visuals keep jurors engaged.
Using demonstratives brings your evidence to life, making your arguments more persuasive and easier to understand. A fluid, smooth trial presentation in the ‘High Tech Courtroom’ is critical if you want to maintain the attention of your Jurors.

For further information on this and all aspects of trial technology presentation please feel free to contact us. We are ready and willing to assist you with all your litigation support needs.


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