Trial Graphics
● Visual and Strategic Graphic Consulting
● Trial Graphics and High-Impact Demonstrative Creation
● PowerPoint Development for Opens, Closes, and Expert Direct Examination
● 2-D and 3-D Animation and Accurate Re-Creations – Sample Reel
● Oversized Trial Boards

Litigation Technology
● Video Deposition and Court Reporting Services
● Secure Online Deposition / Courtroom Real-time Streaming
● Certified Computer Forensics and e-Discovery Support
● CD/DVD Duplications, Synching Video, Creating Designation Edits and Excerpts
● Hi-Def Videoconferencing Capabilities and Far-Side Coordination
● Courtroom / War-Room Equipment Configuration and Rentals
● In-Court Presentation and War-Room Staffing

With years of combined legal video experience, TTC’s videographers understand exactly what you need from your video, be it a deposition or medical examination, witness interview, site inspection, or anything in between.  Our duplication staff can get you copies in multiple formats with the quickest turnaround times in the region, whether ordered the day of the deposition or on the eve of trial.

Video Editing
The attention span of a judge or jury can be fleeting. TTC’s expert video editors can help you extract the right moments from hours of footage to present your case in the most powerful way.

Designation Edits
Once your witnesses are captured on video and synchronized with the transcript, you have complete control over which testimony you present. For preservation witnesses, we integrate all affirmatives and counters into one seamless playback. When a live witness is on the stand, we can instantly prepare impeachment clips based on prior testimony.

Database Construction and Management
Whether you are just starting a case and need help getting documents imaged and loaded into a document management database, or have an existing database that needs to be prepared for trial, TTC will manage your important information using one of the industry’s leading database programs.

Electronic Courtroom Set-up and Integration
If your case moves to trial, you need to be confident that your presentation will be seamless. Working with you to identify your exact courtroom needs, TTC will customize a technology set-up that spans from the most basic through the most advanced presentation capabilities involving large volumes of evidence, video, and trial presentation software to display in court.

In-Court Presentation Support
Having an experienced technology professional in the courtroom “hot seat” lets you focus on your case presentation without worry. TTC’s trial services team has extensive experience in trials ranging from simple arbitrations and mediations, to extensive Daubert hearings, through full-scale major litigation across the country.

War Room Design and Staffing
Managing mountains of exhibits requires the utmost organization. Our war room team will manage your trial database, PowerPoint presentations, and coordinate with the technical operator in the courtroom “hot seat” to ensure your audience’s attention is focused on the trial and not on the technology.

Equipment Rentals
Today’s digital presentations demand the latest presentation equipment. TTC can provide you with a complete package of equipment for your case, from projectors and document cameras to flat-screen monitors for the judge, witness and jury. We can even provide videoconference capabilities in the courtroom for witnesses who otherwise would be unavailable. We’ll also handle the setup and testing so you can be confident the equipment will work for you and not against you.